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The McDuffie Box Company has been fined by OSHA

The McDuffie Box Company has been fined by OSHA
The United States, Department of Labor's, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), has penalized, The McDuffie Box Co. Inc. in Thomson, for serious safety violations. According to the press release that was issued by this government regulatory agency, the Box company has been fined, a total sum of $47,550.

As usual, like every other company that's come under OSHA's wrath, this company has 15 business days to either comply with or contest these findings in front of an independent OSHa Review Commission.

However, when the McDuffie Mirror, contacted McDuffie Box Company's owner, Chris Mercer, he said that he did not wish to comment on this subject. His exact statement was, "It's still pending, and I have no comment to make until it's closed."

Furthermore, the director of OSHA's Atlanta-East Area Office, Bill Fulcher, said that, "This injury could have been prevented if the employer implemented OSHA standards for lockout/tagout procedures," he went on to state that, "Management knew what the standard is and failed to make the required change to protect its workers."

This Box company had been cited for "one willful safety violation.” A willful violation is one that is committed with knowing, voluntary or intentional disregard for the law's requirements. The violation in this case being, failing to develop specific tag out or lockout procedures, on several heavy machines in the facility.