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OSHA has Fined the Fountainhead Group $83,650

OSHA has Fined the Fountainhead Group $83,650
The United States, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined the Fountainhead Group with a total sum of $83,650. These penalties are a result of nearly, three dozen violations, of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act.

In accordance with the Department of Labor's OSHA, this pest control manufacturing company primarily failed to provide safe access to elevated work locations and to maintain safety devices on heavy machinery.

The three dozen safety violations, were ranked serious, which in turn meant that they could cause serious physical harm and even death, if the problems were not immediately remedied. This further meant that the employer was completely aware of the existing conditions.

The director of OSHA’s Syracuse office, Christopher Adams, said that, “This inspection identified a broad cross-section of hazards, which – if uncorrected – expose employees to potential falls, electric shock, crushing, burns or machinery injuries”, he went on to say that, “The employer must take and maintain effective corrective action for the safety of the workers at this plant.”

With regards to the remedies in question, OSHA’s administrator for the New York region, Robert Kulick, said that,“One means of eliminating hazards such as these is for employers to establish a safety and health program in which workers and management jointly work to identify and eliminate hazardous conditions on a continual basis.”

The company has until the 22nd of October, to decide whether they need to comply with or contest the findings, in front of an independent occupational Safety and Heath Review Commission.