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OSHA Fines the Postal Service of Huntington $212,500

The federal inspectors, of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have recently fined the United States, Postal Service of Huntington, more than $200,000, for committing serious willful violations of electrical safety standards.

The news release that was published by OSHA, stated that the Postal service department committed one serious violation and three willful violations. They even proposed a total of $212,500 in fines.

The regulatory agency officials said that, the OSHA inspections had revealed several problems involving similar safety standards for electrical hazards and training. These officials went on to say that the Rhode Island facility, was fined with a total sum of $500,000, after they uncovered eight willful and four serious violations.

Mr. David Michaels, OSHA's Chief, said that, "These citations and sizable fines reflect the Postal Service's failure to equip its workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely work with live electrical parts," he further went on to say that, "The Postal Service knew that proper and effective training was needed for the safety of its workers, but did not provide it."

As per the current standards, the Postal Service of Huntington, has either 15 business days to comply with the alleged citations or contest them before an independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

Cathy Yarosky, the Postal Service spokeswoman, had this to say about the penalties,"We will review OSHA's concerns and make necessary adjustments to continue to ensure a safe working environment for our employees."