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Top Workplace Safety Citations Released By OSHA

Top Workplace Safety Citations Released By OSHA
The failure to communicate hazardous chemicals by employers in a workplace has been found to be the leading safety citation in the general industry by OSHA.

According to the 29 CRF 1910.1200 regulations, workplaces that use hazardous chemicals must develop an extensive hazard communication program which will notify employees about any or all health risks. The program must include all forms of warning, MSDS and employee training.

Chemical importers and manufacturers are also required to evaluate the possible hazards of the chemicals produced or imported by them and information must be provided about the chemicals through labels on packed or shipped containers and more detailed info on material safety data sheets. All employers must prepare and apply a written hazard communication program in the workplace and ensure all employees have easy access to MSDSs and an effective training program must be conducted for all potentially exposed workers.

Again, OSHA has also announced a new penalty policy which will be effective from October 1st. The time period includes the consideration of an employer’s past history of OSHA violations, determining the violations and penalty increases and reductions of 5 years. If the employers have been visited by OSHA for an inspection and have no serious, repeat, willful or failure to abate violations, then they will receive a 10% off in its penalties. But, if they have been cited by OSHA for serious, willful, high gravity, repeat or failure to abate within the last 5 years then, OSHA will increase 10% up in its penalties.

Meanwhile, if an employer has not been inspected or received any citation for serious violation then they will not receive either a reduction or an increase based on the previous inspection history.