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OSHA Investigates into the deadly Trench Collapse

OSHA Investigates into the deadly Trench Collapse
Two plumbers were working in a ditch that was near Allen Homes off Blum Street when the water started rushing in. This resulted in a wall of dirt collapsing on them. OSHA is now investigating into the matter.

The firefighters were able to successfully save one man. Unfortunately, the other, Jimmy Robles, died. The company, Universal Plumbing, is the one that is responsible for the trench collapse. However, it has not yet released a statement about what really happened or if the workers had followed the precautionary measures during the collapse. According to the representative of Universal Plumbing, the company is still preparing a statement.

Mark Bowen, the Richmond County Chief Deputy Coroner, says that the body was recovered from about six feet underground. As per OSHA regulations, it is necessary to use steel boxes and reinforcements on trenches that are deeper than five feet.

“Before you go in there or send someone down, think of sending your child in there. You never put anybody in a position that you wouldn't want to go in”, says Derek Stahlman who has been working in the construction industry for 15 years and strictly believes that this is one rule that should never be broken.

Mike Walden is with the Department of Labor. He says that OSHA investigates into injuries that involve three or more people or a death. He says, “The goal isn't to impose penalties and violations. The goal is to make a safe workplace and make sure employers are doing their jobs by imposing OSHA standards”.