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PETA asks OSHA to Penalize Sam Mazzola

Recently, a thirteen page letter was sent by the PETA Foundation's general counsel to the Director of the Toledo Area Office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Jule Hovi, urging her to penalize the former animal exhibitor, Mr. Sam Mazzola, for completely failing to protect his employees and workers from recognized hazards. The general counsel has also asked her to take immediate action against him, in order to prevent any future attacks.

On August 20th, Brent Kandra, was killed by a 500 pound bear. But Mr. Mazzola came under PETA's radar, for he continued to allow kandra to come into direct contact with the bear, despite knowing the dangers. Hence, this fatality could have been avoided.

Debbie Leahy, PETA's Director, has said that, "Confined to cramped cages and denied everything that's natural and important to them, including any semblance of a life, these bears become ticking time bombs," she further went on to say that, "Mazzola must be held accountable for repeatedly putting his workers at risk."

In the formal complaint, the general counsel pointed out that the law requires employers to present employees with a workplace that is free from any hazards or that are "likely to cause death or serious physical harm." And since Mazzola failed to accomplish this task, he must be penalized.