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The Porter Road Paper Mill fined $75,000 by OSHA

The Porter Road Paper Mill fined $75,000 by OSHA
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), a federal agency, recently announced that it would be fining the Porter Road paper mill $75,000, for even after the death of a worker on May 12th, the follow up investigation found, “repeat and serious violations” of workplace safety regulations.

Peter Q. Neville, was killed at the Norampac Industries, which is a container board plant. He was crushed between a 5,000-pound roll of paper that was moving on a conveyor belt and a metal wall. His wife Mara, has contacted a lawyer and hence, is now speaking out about the importance of workplace safety. She even wants to let others know, what a wonderful father and husband he was.

OSHA had inspected the Norampac plant after the accident. OSHA’s area director in Buffalo, Arthur Dube, said that, “Our inspections found that the area where the moving paper roll and the barrier intersected lacked guarding to prevent employees from being caught between the two objects,” he further went on to state that, “Proper and effective machine guarding is essential to protecting workers against serious injury or death.”

On the other hand, a Norampac spokeswoman, Genevieve Boyer, had this to say with regards to the penalty, “We have just received the citation and notification-of-penalty document from OSHA, and we are in the process of reviewing it.” She further said that, “We will respond to the proposed penalties within the required time frame, and we will evaluate the appropriate course of action that needs to be adopted.”