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Brazilian Blowout to sue Oregon OSHA

Brazilian Blowout to sue Oregon OSHA
Last week, Oregon OSHA had warned hair stylists against the use of a hair product called Brazilian Blowout. This and other hair straighteners were found to contain very high levels of a carcinogen.

Now, the hair straightening company, Brazilian Blowout, says that it has already started legal proceedings against Oregon's Safety and Health Division. Their product allegedly contains high levels of formaldehyde, which is a cancer causing agent. The company is going to sue the agency for punitive damages.

The Health and Safety Division had issued this warning statement after testing almost all the hair straightening products used in salons. These products included Brazilian Blowout which is the most popular hair straightener that is frequently asked in salons. According to Brazilian Blowout, Oregon OSHA has failed to note the difference between methylene glycol and formaldehyde after testing.

The director of Oregon OSHA, Michael Wood, shared his opinion before any legal action was announced. He says that methylene glycol is nothing but formaldehyde in solution. “Our standards are clear. The practice of industrial chemistry is clear. The practice of toxicology is clear. His product contains formaldehyde”, he added.

However, a spokesperson from Oregon OSHA says that the agency has not yet received any legal papers from the Brazilian Blowout company.