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Hair Straightening Products are Hazardous says OSHA

Hair Straightening Products are Hazardous says OSHA
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of Oregon has issued an alert about the presence of formaldehyde in products used for hair straightening.

OSHA has recently tested more than hundred product samples that were taken from over 50 different salons of Oregon. All of these products showed significant levels of formaldehyde. Samples of the hair straightening product called Brazilian Blowout were also included in this testing. What is surprising is that these products are labeled “formaldehyde free”. Studies showed that these results ranged from six percent to almost twelve percent of formaldehyde content.

All solutions that contain more than 0.1 percent of formaldehyde should list formaldehyde as an ingredient. Not only Brazilian Blowout, but even other brands of hair straightening products were shown to have considerable amounts of formaldehyde.

Oregon OSHA administrator, Michael Wood, said, “Although it's not clear whether the regulatory level of airborne exposure would be exceeded based on our results, it is clear that the levels are high enough to cause concern”.

All the salons in Oregon have received the hazard alert. This alert includes all the necessary information on formaldehyde. It also includes the safety precautions for all stylists that work with these hair straightening products.