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OSHA caught up in Woodburn Murder Trial

OSHA caught up in Woodburn Murder Trial
In accordance to a witness testimony this week, the city of Woodburn had asked a certain state enforcement agency not to conduct an investigation into the bank bombing that occurred on the 12th of December 2008.

Each and every witness called by Mr. Joshua Turnidge’s defense attorneys, told jurors how the Woodburn city officials sent several e-mails, wrote hundreds of letters and made phone calls, requesting and pleading the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration, not to launch an investigation.

Michael Wood, the OSHA Administrator said that, “It became clear that the city of Woodburn had concerns not only about the timing of the opening conference they did not want us to proceed with the inspection.”

Although OSHA normally investigates when serious injuries or fatalities occur, this time the agency decided not to pursue the investigation following the meeting.

Furthermore, Scott Derickson, the Woodburn City Administrator said that, “The city did not have the capacity to respond. It’s very hard to articulate the (impact) of what we were dealing with at the time.”

These testimony's came two days after Joshua Turnidge and his father, Bruce, were put on trial for murder and for orchestrating the event at West Coast Bank that killed Woodburn Police Capt.