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OSHA Issues Warnings to Store Owners urging them To Stay Prepared for Black Friday

OSHA has sent a letter to all the major retailers of the city of Phoenix urging them to take all the necessary precautions on Black Friday. It has also suggested that all stores have police officers to manage large crowds. As per the federal agency, a plan should be created in such a way that it gives a specific location to every employee.

Joel Kinjerski of Phoenix says, “It's just chaos”. “You walk in and it's like a cattle stampede. Everyone everywhere is just grabbing stuff, there's fights, it gets ugly”, he adds.

Black Friday officially kick starts the holiday season the day after Thanksgiving every year. Stores give heavy discounts on every sale, typically drawing in hordes of customers.

Chase Eggert of Scottsdale says, “People do die because of Black Friday, why put yourself in that position”. Two years ago, a temporary employee working at a store died in the stampede on Black Friday. The shoppers trampled over him when the doors opened. OSHA is trying to take precautionary measures and prevent similar accidents.

There are people who do not approve of shopping on Black Friday. Says Gina Stinemetz of Phoenix, It's not worth it for me to save $20 to go through the hassle. I can do the same thing online”.