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OSHA Investigates Harsco Explosion

OSHA Investigates Harsco Explosion
One of the representatives from the United States, Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, has been sent to investigate a scene at a factory in Gallatin County, Kentucky. It was here that one man died and four others were left seriously injured in an explosion.

This accidental explosion took place at around 3.30 pm, at Harsco Metals on U.S. Highway 42 in Ghent. As per the preliminary investigation that was carried out by the Gallatin County Sheriff's Deputies, it has been revealed that the accident involved a very large tire on a heavy equipment vehicle that exploded while the workers were working on it, inside the facility.

Robin Kelley of Madison was only 48 years old when he died at the Carroll County Memorial hospital. He had been an employee at Harsco for approximately four years. David Davanzati of Lousville, the site manager was in a serious condition and he had to be transported by a medical helicopter to the Cincinnati hospital.

Harsco is only a contractor for Gallatin Steel and it has a total of 40 employees. OSHA is currently checking the company's past safety records and is investigating the cause of the accident and if it could have been avoided. Unfortunately, the finally reports will only be out after several weeks.