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OSHA Slaps 24 Citations on a Foam Manufacturing Plant in Denver

OSHA Slaps 24 Citations on a Foam Manufacturing Plant in Denver
In Denver, StyroTech LLC has been heavily slapped with twenty serious and four other than serious violations by the U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA has fined the foam manufacturing company with a heavy penalty of $66,400 for the lack of a safety program covering the handling and use of flammable material.

The inspection of the foam manufacturing facility was started under a program that focused on employers with high illness and injury rates. “The processing of flammable chemicals involves well known hazards”, says Greg Baxter, the regional administrator of OSHA in Denver. “For the safety of the workers, the employer must ensure that protective measures are taken to prevent the catastrophic release of flammable vapors, which can lead to fires and explosions”, he adds.

OSHA allegedly found out that the company had not structured any safety training for the use of inflammable substances in large quantities. The other reasons for citation were:
  • Absence of guarding for open sided floors.
  • Use of damaged and improper electrical equipment.
  • Presence of ladders that were not fixed properly.
  • Failure to follow the energy control procedures.
  • The lack of machine guarding.
The manufacturing plant has been granted fifteen business days from the receipt of the citations to comply with the proposed penalties.