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OSHA Investigates the Historic Maples Inn

OSHA Investigates the Historic Maples Inn
Federal inspectors could take up to 6 months to complete an investigation that's related to the collapse of New Cannan's historic Maples Inn. Robert Kowalski, the director of OSHA's Bridgeport area office said that, "We are in fact-finding mode," he went on to say that, "Once we have all the information ... if there are citations warranted, they will be issued. But it's too early in the investigation process."

Currently, the OSHA inspectors have found that high winds were primarily responsible for toppling this historic Inn that dates back to 1876. The Maples Inn is located on the Oenoke Ridge Road.

The owners of the Inn, Tom Kennedy and Andy Glazer, said that they would continue to build luxury apartments on the site. Unfortunately, they will have to start from scratch. When the accidental mishap occurred, work had been underway for 6 months. Nearly 6 workers were on the site at the time but luckily no one was injured.

However, the town's chief building official, Brian Platz, said that the owners of the inn would have to get a demolition permit if they want to raise the fallen structure. He went on to say that the building department will not take any action until John Glover Agency of Norwalk and OSHA have completed their investigations at the site.