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Consensus Standards updates for Acetylene Industry by OSHA

A final notification of proposed rulemaking has been issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to revise the acetylene standard. The outdated consensus standards have been replaced OSHA along with the revision and the updated standard reflects the current acetylene industry practices.

According to the revised standard, employees are required to ensure that the in-plant handling, storage, transfer and use of acetylene cylinders are in comply with Compressed Gas Association Pamphlet G-1-2003, Acetylene.

Again the piping equipment, facilities and systems used for generating acetylene or for filling acetylene must be in comply with National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA) 51A - Standard for Acetylene Charging Plants.

The final rule has been made to improve OSHA's acetylene standards to provide safe worksites for workers by incorporating a safe industry practice and latest technology.

If within 30 days of the publication, a significant adverse comment has been received by the agency then, they will be allowed by the associated Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to continue the rulemaking as a ‘Notice and Comment ‘rulemaking. In case if there is no adverse comments as such received then, a direct final rule will be take effect on Nov.9. 2009.

The revision has been made by the US Chemical Safety Board and the Compressed Gas Association as another step to update the outdated references in OSHA’s standards.