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Watch List Established By OSHA To Reinforce Integrity Of Outreach Training Program

OSHA has been making great efforts to check on fraudulent trainers that are on a rise these days. They have taken a step to continue the strong integrity of its Outreach Training Program of 36 years by publishing an Outreach Trainer Watch List of the trainers whose trainer authorizations are either suspended or revoked.

As a part to heighten its effort to address deceptive activity by trainers, OSHA has recently conducted an undercover investigation. The investigation was for a 10 hour training which reveals numerous examples of failure to fulfill with program guidelines. The infraction of the training includes submitting falsified information concerning the instructional time spent on the topics, improperly advising participants not to contact OSHA to report hazards and failing to gather and keep required documentation. The trainer failed to appeal the decision after being revoked by OSHA and his name where listed on the Watch List on OSHA’s website.

You must notice that to teach 10-hour and 30-hour programs, trainers must complete a 1-week OSHA trainer course through an OSHA Training Institute Education Center in order to get authorized.

The Watch List is updated weekly by OSHA. They are still monitoring training programs and in case you want to file complaints about fraud and abuse, a hotline at 847-297-4810 has been provided by them.