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OSHA on Safety for Trenching and Excavation Workers

OSHA on Safety for Trenching and Excavation Workers
Open trench work has been cited by OSHA as the 4th deadliest job in US. So, you are well aware of the kind of danger that the workers might face every day at the job site. Often the death and injury of the workers happen when walls collapse burying them inside. This is a serious case that often plagues the sewer, pipeline, water or construction industry.

Even though the incidence cannot be stopped from happening but it sure can be prevented. Since that the incidence of trench collapsing is continually increasing often accompanying death OSHA has guaranteed an increased enforcement presence at those job sites where such operations are being conducted.

OSHA has made it a high priority when it comes to trench and excavation safety as it still continues to be the highest area of fatality and the highest in number of safety violation as well. Apart from wall collapsing the other trenching hazards include explosions, electrocution, toxic fumes, as well as drowning.

If you are involved in trenching and excavation, OSHA has provided many program to help. They have recommended safety training programs for those involved in such dangerous job.