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OSHA strengthens Heat Illness Prevention Regulations in California

OSHA strengthens Heat Illness Prevention Regulations in California
On July 31, Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) which is a division of OSHA filed a proposal to amend the state’s heat illness prevention regulations with the Occupational Safety and Health of California. The request followed the proposal of Governor Schwarzenegger to improve and strengthen the standards to protect outdoor workers from the scorching sun.

Besides, the state budget which recently signed has authorized the spending of $1.5 million to expand on the efforts to educate employers and workers about the necessity of prevention from heat illness. This was the expanding outreach to train employers and workers, and will help to expand successful partnership of OSHA in California with labor, industry and community groups.

Under the leadership of the governor, California was the very first state of nation to develop safety and health regulation which addressed heat illness in year 2005. Later in year 2006 OSHA in California issued permanent heat illness prevention regulations to protect the workers who are outdoors. The Regulation includes topics such as; shade requirements, heat illness training requirements, drinking water requirements, and other related topics. It requires that the employer should make the availability of shade, provide proper drinking water, provide training to both workers and supervisor and also require written heat illness prevention program that includes a plan for summoning emergency responders.