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OSHA Compliance Safety – What will you do when an OSHA inspector visits your office?

Always be mentally prepared to come under the situation when an OSHA compliance safety officer knocks your office doors. The very first thing you have to do is to request the inspector to how his proper US Department of Labor identification card and other credentials for verification. See whether the safety compliance officer informed you regarding such inspection. Employers have full rights to require OSHA to have warranty before allowing entry to their respective work site. If suppose, a particular inspection they want to search for is not occurring, then you can ask him to return at some other time.

Try to demeanor conference with the compliance safety officer! With such discussion, you can find out the nature and purpose of visit and even the extent of inspection. In case, if you find the inspection was impelled by one of the employees of your company, then you have rights to get an abridged copy, that obscures the employee’s identity to make available to you at such point of time. OSHA compliance safety officer will ask you to choose an employer representative on your behalf to convoy him for an inspection.

Try negotiating the scale of inspection with the compliance safety inspector! Some of the OSHA safety officers will even do so. If you find the purpose of this visit is a response to your employee’s complaint, then you can ask him to confine his investigation to the specific area involved in the respective complaint. Generally, investigations are focused on nature of inspection, which are mainly concentrated in certain main and key hazards. However, employer should be well prepared for full investigation, if failure in safety is found at your work place.
Whenever compliance safety officer enters your work place, he will evaluate and make sure how many injuries and illnesses among your employees and will be asked to show list of your hazardous chemicals used at your workplace. Even inspection officer will confer with employees of your company before taking any action. So, owners should train their employees at training stage that in case of any inspection, they all are working towards one goal that is to ensure safe workplace.

The compliance safety inspector can even note anything that he find suspicious of. He can disclose any noticeable violations noted on proper ask by the employer. There are some cases previously seen where any instantaneous remedy can result in involuntary diminution of fines charged against them, so better ask compliance safety officer, about their policies, before paying fine. So these are some ways where you can handle OSHA compliance safety officer!