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OSHA Construction Safety Training Growing Its Popularity

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration training has helped in minimizing the hazardous work environment and promotes the safety of worker. This is the reason for the significant declination of total rate of workplace illness and injuries. The better news is; many new states have adopted the safety and health programs approved by OSHA to continue the trend which is why OSHA training is growing its popularity.

Many states have passed a bill of requirement of OSHA training including; New Hampshire, Missouri, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In each of these sate bill requires that all the construction workers to complete an OSHA approved construction training course. This bill safety training is indeed a smart idea for the contractors and employers; it is also helpful in ensuring the safe job site to the workers.

The most recent is the Nevada’s bill which was signed on 5th June, 2009. It is said the bill was driven by the 12 death on the construction site that occurred along the Las Vegas Boulevard in a period of only 18 months. For the safety at construction site; according to the new bill requirement is that all employees and supervisors to complete OSHA training within the time period of 15 days of being hired. The law will be into effect by January 2010

In these recent years, enrollment in the OSHA 10 hour training course has been dramatically increased in New York and surrounding states over the last few months. And now Nevada is also following the trend. The costing of the OSHA 10 hour training can cost anything between $89 -$125. The cost of the training also depends on the selection of the course and the training institute. There are companies which provide bulk discount to the employers of the new states for multiple students signing up for the course at one time.