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Know The Penalty For Violating OSHA Standards

Every industry in US would like to stay as far as possible from OSHA’s penalties. Big or small industries that have violated the norm set by OSHA have been fined heavily. Accident and injury is part of most industries. Every year, OSHA goes on inspection to see whether the industries are providing a safety environment for the workers and if the workers are abiding by the rules they have set.

The penalties given by OSHA can range from none to $70,000. That will depend on how the violation would likely result to the workers. Other violations which carry no threat as such will not result in any penalties but may result in up to $7,000 if the case is a bit serious. Repeated or willful violations may carry a heavy penalty which may be as high as $70,000. If the organization has a few number of employers or few or no previous violations then the penalties may be discounted.

In order to avoid the penalties from OSHA, you can try to stay in compliance. OSHA has provided help for those who seek to present a safety environment in the working place.