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Update on OSHA’s enforcement

During Small Business Administration’s safety and health forum which was at Washington DC, OSHA’s Director of Enforcement and Constructions programs, Mr. Richard E. Fairfax, presented an update on the key information initiatives of the agency. He stated that;

• In November, 2009 OSHA will issue another update to its Field Operations Manual (FOM). The work of FOM is to guide OSHA’s officer during the time of inspection.

• Enhanced Enforcement Program of OSHA is being revised to have more focus on serious hazards and fatalities which are identified in the OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs and also to follow the instructions are mandatory.

• These NEPs are now in the following works; primary metals, hexavalent chromium, food flavorings and record keeping.

There has been two new enforcement document issued. The Site Specific Targeting Program (SST) for year 2009 is mainly OSHA’s inspection plan for the non-construction-workplaces which are which includes 40 or more employees.
OSHA has surveyed about 80,000 employers in some of the high rated industries which required them to report their illness and injury rate to compile SST. Employers in manufacturing that reported any particular DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rate which is over 8.0 or reported DAFWI (Days Away From Work and Injury) rate which is over 15.0 should expect an inspection under Site Specific Targeting Program (SST).

Under SST personal care and nursing facilities are looked after separately and it will also be subjected to inspection if the DART rate report is over 17.0 or a DAFWI rate over 14.0.

OSHA also reissued NEP, its petroleum refinery by which OSHA focuses on enforcing its PSM (Process Safety Management) standard in refineries. Employers who are in NAICS code 324110 should review their respective PSM programs in anticipation of an OSHA inspection.