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PPE Standards updated by OSHA

A final rule of the PPE or personal protective equipment has been revised by OSHA. The PPE sections include the general industry, long shoring, shipyard employment and marine terminals standards that mostly concern eye- and face-protective devices and head and foot protection requirements.

The references have been updated in OSHA’s regulations to reveal more current editions of the appropriate national consensus standards that will integrate advances in technology. OSHA has put its requirement that the PPE should be safely designed and be constructed for the mission performed.

Workers when they are exposed to occupational hazards require head, eye and face or foot protection. Now they will be provided a protection that will be based on the standard that reflects an advanced technology as well as materials. The final step has been taken by OSHA as an effort to update or to remove the references of outdated industry standards and national consensus.

A revision of the PPE standards included a requirement where filter lenses and plates in the eye-protective equipment must test for transmission of radiant energy like light or infrared.