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Is there any Hazard or Risk in your Workplace?

Is there any Hazard or Risk in your Workplace?
There are many things that can affect health of a person such as; his surrounding, his environment, lifestyle etc. Not everybody knows that work is an important determinant of health. It can affect health either in positive way or in a negative way. How safe you feel at your workplace? Do you feel comfortable at your workplace? Or have you ever thought that how full of risk your workplace could be?

These are some of the questions which you need to ask in order to access whether your workplace is safer and healthy place to be or not. A place that is healthy, safe and work conducive gives more productivity. The fact is, with a healthy workplace you will be doing more work with less effort.

It is very important to know the difference between Hazard and Risk. Hazard is a word used to describe something that has the potential to cause harm. Risk, on the other hand can be defined as a measure of possibility of any specific harmful effect in any given circumstances.

Some common workplaces Hazard are:
  • Biological Hazards- It is caused by organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi.

  • Safety Hazards- Insufficient and Inadequate machine guards, unsafe work practices, unsafe workplace conditions.

  • Physical Hazards- Vibration, noise, weather, energy, electricity, radiation and pressure.

  • Ergonomic hazards- Physiological, anatomical and Psychological demands on the worker like; forceful and repetitive movements, extreme temperatures, vibrations, an awkward posture which is due to improper work methods also some improper designed workstations, equipment and tools.

  • Psychological hazard- These basically causes stress to a worker, This type of hazard troubles an individual to an extent that his general well being can be affected.
These are few kinds of workplace hazard one should know. By knowing the cause of any problem can help you with what kind of measures one should take to be safe from these hazards. Safety training course are available these days where they train people on how to be safe from these kinds of hazards. OSHA safety training courses are one of these kinds of course. To know more you can visit