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What To Expect When OSHA’s Asbestos Standard Is Disregard

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you disregard any of OSHA’s standards? You can face a penalty of $112,000. Right! This happened with a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, consulting company who are into maintenance and management of nursing homes for alleged violation of OSHA asbestos standards in the construction industry. Two Baton Rouge companies are also included in the citations. The two companies own and manage residential and commercial properties. The citations resulted from the work that was performed at the State National Life Building.

OSHA found some violations that included failure to provide the necessary respiratory equipment, failure to provide an experienced person to administer while removing a ceiling that contained asbestos, failure to inform employees that the work place contained asbestos, failure to operate engineering controls in order to resolve and minimize the exposure of workers to asbestos, failure to supervise for asbestos materials, failure to train workers who are engaged in project of removing asbestos and failure to handle asbestos-containing waste and contaminated clothing properly.

OSHA has commented that most of the violations were willful and they were committed with an intentional disregard of to the standard set by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.