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Know whether you have been exempt from OSHA

OSHA has been working to uphold the safety of the workers in US. When the Congress created OSHA and passed the OSH Act of 1970, some groups were exempted from the coverage. Find out if you are among them or not.

Federal Government employees – This group includes people with high hazard jobs like people in armed services, press operators at federal mint, rangers at national park and FBI agents. This group of people is exempt from the OSHA coverage. The federal OSHA compliance officers that come to inspect companies are not subject to the OSHA coverage even though that’s their job.

Employees of State, City and Country – Public employees are exempt from OSHA coverage as they are some prohibitions against unfunded mandate. Workers hired by private companies are regulated by OSHA standards but the city crew is not.

Some employees covered by other federal agencies – there are certain workers who are covered by some other administrations like the workers in a mine will be covered by Mine Safety & Health Administration. Workers at the sea or flight crews in an airplane are also covered by other regulations.

A lone proprietor– If a proprietor has no employees then, they are not an employer. OSHA only has authority over employers. However there is an exception to this exemption, if the sole proprietor hires temporary workers and directs their daily activities.

Family members in family farm – When family members are working in their farm, they are not taken as employees of the farm. These family members are exempt from the OSHA coverage even though OSHA has their own agricultural standards.

Volunteers – If someone is volunteering for a company without receiving any payment or compensation, they are not considered as an employee as they don’t fall under the OSHA regulations.