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Federal And State OSHA Workplace Posters

Most states in the US have opted to develop the OSHA program of their own. For those states who have their own state OSHA program, the employees there will not be inspected by the officers of the OSHA compliance. Instead they will be subjected to their state OSHA compliance officers.

However, an important point to be taken is that most employers of the state plan areas receive a citation because instead of the state OSHA workplace poster, they display the federal OSHA workplace poster. You may think what’s the big deal? But the point is if your state has its own state OSHA program, then you must have your state OSHA's posting.

OSHA will inspect if you as an employer adheres to the Department of Labor's safety and health regulations. OSHA workplace poster is one of thing they look for while inspecting the workplace. The OSHA workplace poster has to be displayed in a workplace. If you are unsure which poster you should display in your workplace then, you must research which poster is required to display. You can also download a free copy of the state and/or federal OSHA posters from the web. Remember, the OSHA poster must be displayed in a place where employees have an easy access to it.