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$8 million in Grants Awarded by OSHA

$8 million in Grants Awarded by OSHA
The United States, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has constantly striven to achieve workplace safety by issuing and enforcing certain standards, policies and regulations. OSHA has now gone one step further by awarding 45 grants, totaling up to a sum of nearly $8 million. Furthermore, it is also important to note that these grants target different sectors. Firstly, $225,000 has been allotted to train workers on heat illness, whereas, $150,000 has been kept aside to train union members on fall protection and $220,000 has been allotted to train nail salon workers.

The 45 grants are a part of the Susan Harwood Capacity Building program. More specifically, $150,000 has been handed over to a Washington D.C. roofing company in order to train union members on fall protection. $220,000 has been given to the University of Berkley in order to provide 2-hour training sessions to workers in the restaurant and nail salon industries. Finally, $225,000 has been handed over to a San Francisco legal assistance firm in order to train low-wage migrants on heat illness.

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels said that, "The programs funded by these grants will have a long-lasting, positive impact on workers and employers alike," he went on to say that, "OSHA also has significantly reached out to non-English speaking, and historically hard to reach, vulnerable workers by awarding grants to organizations committed to serving those groups."

Yes! according to the federal law, employers ought to be responsible for providing healthful and safe workplaces for their employees.