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OSHA To Review the Petition Raised by Public Citizen

OSHA To Review the Petition Raised by Public Citizen
From the very beginning the United States, Occupational Safety and Health Administration,has constantly striven to control and eliminate workplace hazards, mishaps and fatalities, by issuing and enforcing certain workplace standards and regulations.

Recently, several individuals and advocacy organizations have requested that certain regulations ought to be issued, in order to limit the working hours of resident physicians. Mr. David Michaels, the OSHA Administrator, has acknowledged the fact that, worker fatigue and long working hours are still common safety concerns for not only medical residents, but also for every other employee as well.

In accordance to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization, a national advocacy organization named Public Citizen, along with other groups have requested that certain legislative actions be taken, with regards to the above mentioned issue.

Mr. David Michaels, had this to say, “We are very concerned about medical residents working extremely long hours, and we know of evidence linking sleep deprivation with an increased risk of needle sticks, puncture wounds, lacerations, medical errors and motor vehicle accidents.” He went on to say that, “We will review and consider the petition on this subject submitted by Public Citizen and others.”

He even mentioned that, the United States, Chemical Safety Board's investigation concluded that, worker fatigue was one of the contributing factors of the 2005 BP oil refinery explosion. Yes! He did recognize the fact that, this very issue did haunt other sectors too.