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OSHA found no Safety Violations with the Streator Sewer Project

OSHA found no Safety Violations with the Streator Sewer Project
The contractor that has been conducting the sanitary sewer project in Reading Township, need fret no more, for he has been given a clean bill of safety and health from the U.S, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The director for OSHA's North Aurora area office, Kathy Webb, announced that, the OSHA inspectors could find no safety violations with regards to this particular project. She even said that, “Whenever we do a trench inspection, we check for everything. She even told the Times that, “"When we go out to a site, we observe what we see on the day of the inspection. If someone sends us a photograph, we can't use those. We use what we see."

But it is also important to note that, Webb said that, she would forward those findings to the Peoria office for future inspections.

According to Kathy Webb, the OSHA investigators found construction workers lowering boring sheets and sewer pumps in to a boring containment. After the boring sheets and pump were installed, the crews poured dirt and gravel into the holes, which were approximately three to four feet in depth.

Unfortunately, OSHA's guidelines for holes only come into play when a hole is more than five feet in depth.