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Merrill Explosion Investigated by OSHA

Merrill Explosion Investigated by OSHA
The Occupational Safety and Heath Organization has now started investigating the events leading up to the explosion that took place at the Merrill manufacturing plant. That very explosion sent 2 workers to the hospital. However, the emergency crews that responded, credit pre-planning and experience for their quick response.

The fire Chief of Merrill, Odegard said that, "When a call like that comes in, you don't know what you have until you get there and your mind naturally gravitates toward what is the worst case scenario so when you have experience, it lets you calm down a little bit and take it one at a time until you find out exactly what you have."

He further went on to say that they make sure that they co-ordinate at least 2 meetings a year, with local manufacturing plants. These meetings in turn give them a chance to get a good layout of what's inside each and every building.

On the other hand, Ken Neff, the Police Captain, credited constant training and communication for their success. Captain Neff, has this to say, "It's one of those situations you can train for and if it wasn't for the training you wouldn't know how to react, you fall back on the training you received.” He went on to say that, “I don't think we've had training specific to an explosion at a manufacturing plant but the basic emergency response is what you fall back on."

Lastly, the firefighters said that the 2 workers were in a scissor lift, lighting a gas dryer, when the explosion occurred. Hence, the workers sustained first and second degree burns.