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OSHA Fines Gaby Iron and Metal Co. $135,850

The United States, Department of Labor's, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recently penalized the Gaby Iron and Metal Co. in Chicago Heights, Ill. This metal recycle Corporation has come under OSHA's radar, for it has allegedly been found guilty of committing a whopping 17 health and safety violations. This even includes, exposing workers to high amounts of lead. High levels of lead can cause paralysis, kidney malfunctions, brain damage and even death.

OSHA has fined the Gaby Iron and Metal Co. a total sum of $135,850. Present below is a list that highlights the various violations that have been committed by this metal recycle Corporation. They are:

1.Failing to implement a respiratory protection program,
2.Failing to provide a written lead compliance or training plan,
3.Failing to monitor air for lead during process or material changes and
4.Allowing workers to be exposed to lead in excess of allowable limits.

Gary Anderson, the OSHA Area Director said that, "Gaby Iron and Metal has demonstrated disregard for the safety and welfare of its workers by not following OSHA safety standards to monitor employees' exposure to hazardous materials," he further went on to say that, "We are committed to protecting workers by enforcing safe practices and OSHA regulations."

As usual, the company has 15 business days to either comply with, or contest these findings in front of an independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.