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Nexus Pulp and Paper Inc. fined $48.000 by OSHA

Nexus Pulp and Paper Inc. fined $48.000 by OSHA
The United States, Occupational Safety and Heath Organization is primarily a regulatory agency that aims to protect workers and employees by issuing and enforcing, certain safety and heath standards and regulations. If these rules are not followed through, by the organizational owners, they often are forced to pay a very hefty fine. However, this seems to be just a small cost, when it comes to protecting one of the biggest assets of any company. By following these safety rules and regulations, an employer basically emphasizes his commitment towards safety as well as his organization.

Recently, the OSHA investigators found that, Nexus Pulp and Paper, an Atlanta Business Chronicle, allegedly failed to correct certain workplace hazards. Hence, this Atlanta plant is now facing fines that have mounted up to $48,000.

The Department of Labor, OSHA( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has reported that, during a recent inspection, one of its compliance officers found that the paper recyclers had not yet been corrected. Some of the other alleged safety violations that may have been committed by the Nexus Pulp and Paper Inc. are listed below:

1.Failing to devise a written personal protective equipment(PPE) hazard assessment, in order to determine the protection needed by workers for each and every job.

2.Failing to provide employees with training, on how to use personal protective equipment(PPE).

3.Employees were also allegedly exposed to certain chemicals, without access to material safety data sheets (MSDS) that normally contain information on those chemicals
as well as a written hazard communication program, warning them about the dangers of being exposed to those chemicals.

The company has as of yet had nothing to say about the OSHA related fines.