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Osha Awards Sherwin Williams Co. For Workplace Safety

OSHA has awarded Sherwin Williams Co. for Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) star status which is the highest recognition awarded for meeting or exceeding workplace safety.

The company Sherwin Williams earned this status following an onsite evaluation by team of OSHA safety and health experts. Achieving OSHA Star Status is not an easy task. Companies who achieve this star status have proven themselves for workplace safety and health.

So this status proves that Sherin Williams has taken positive steps to ensure safe working processes which are a part of everyday work.

This VPP status offers employers an opportunity to move beyond traditional safety programs by recognizing participants who successfully incorporates safety and health programs into the total management programs.

More than 2,160 workers nationwide, which represent more than 270 industries, have earned entry into OSHA VPP Status.

The VPP Status requires a high degree of management commitment and employee involvement with a high quality worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control program, and comprehensive safety and health savings for all employees. So companies who achieve VPP Star Status receive average injury and illness rate which is 50 percent below the Bureau of Labor Statistics average for other companies in respective industries.