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BioMass Plant Receives OSHA Award

One of the biomass plant in Springfield has been operating silently for years. The Covata Energy plant is at Route no.5 on Bondi’s Island in Agawam. This plant has such a system that everyday a steady stream of garbage trucks gets unloaded into the trash and then gets headed back to more.

Initially when the plant was being proposed to built there were lot of public meetings where people opposed to building up of the plant. But as of now workers over there have forgotten everything and started to put in their best efforts to make the company rich and powerful. The Covata plant has a record of 20 years of burning trash to generate electricity which is a very great option for landfills. Anything which is recycled or dangerous is supposed to be removed before the trash arrives, but it is still checked upon as it is burned at very high temperature.

The trash is combusted in a combustion process which is actually a huge area of step down ramps which will push the trash forward while combustion it in and heat which is produced is recovered in a boiling room where heat is converted to steam and that steam is sent to steam turbine which generates to generator.

This mechanism uses a 9.4 megawatt turbine wherein steam is converted to electrical and is transported to north-east facilities.

After many years of examining this plant without any complaints or accidents OSHA decided to award the Biomass plant with safety award for workplace safety.