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Osha Fines $255,000 Against New Hampshire Firearms

OSHA has proposed to fine $255,150 against Sturm Ruger for 60 alleged violations of safety and health standards identified by agency’s inspections of firearms manufacturer’s Newport. OSHA’s inspection identified large number of mechanical, respirator, protection, electrical, lead, fire, explosive and other hazards that need to be continuously addressed to protect the workers at the plant from potentially deadly or disabling injuries and illness.

OSHA investigated that the company failed to guard rotating parts for the drill presses, sanding & polishing machines, despite the knowledge that employees were being severely exposed to fatal injures if they came in contact with the rotating parts. As a result of which the company has been fined a citation of $63,000 in regards to OSHA safety violation.

Other Safety Hazards include the lack of spark detectors or suppression system which minimize fire and explosion hazards in ventilation systems that collects combustible wood and metal dust, which would allow combustible dust to accumulate with lack of eye washes and adequate personal protective equipment with improper storage of compressed gas cylinders, damaged, improperly used or ungrounded electrical equipment, additional unguarded machinery, and deficiencies with paint spray booths and other violations.

The OSHA health inspection identified employees which are exposed to excess levels of lead dust, inadequate lead monitoring training, hygiene, cleaning and disposal methods, inappropriate selection of respirators for lead and improper respirator fit testing and use with no medical evaluation for employees using respirators.

All these investigations revealed out the issuance of 55 violations with $188,500 fines. OSHA issues serious citations to such incidents when death or harm can be likely to result from hazards which are about which employer knew or should have know. The company has also fined $3600 and issued 4 other serious citations for inadequate recordkeeping.

The company has 15 business days from the receipt of citations and proposed penalties to comply with a request of an informal conference with area director or contest them before OSHA Commission.