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Worker Dies After Fireworks Explode At York Company

A Pyrotechnic worker died from an explosion on Ocracoke Island.

This incident took place when a truckloads of fireworks from a York country company exploded near one of the South terminal, killing four pyrotechnic workers and injuring another co-worker.

The explosion occurred immediately after 9 am when workers were planning for Saturday night.

This blast destroyed a big 18 wheel truck sparked several small fires and sent debris across water.

This accident caused the death of one of workers on the spot. Another two worker died at Hospitals on at UNC, another at Country Memorial Hospital. The fourth worker was considered in fair condition at UNC Hospital.

The investigation done through locals rule out that Ocracoke Island is in the southernmost tip of Outer Banks which is accessible by only ferry or boat. But this service is also an issue especially on weekends. The explosion which happened last week was heard across village with a shaky voice all over. Along with that this explosion also created a large mushroom cloud.

Seeing this incident the firefighters n ferry terminal were the first to reach accompanying medical personnel which were volunteers.

This incident had made the whole community over there contribute to one or another cause, which makes the rest of world realizes the importance of volunteering. The emergency medical team and other personnel’s said that it was one of worst scene they have ever seen in their lives.

But due to help locals and voluntaries the situation came under control. But still people in that area grieve the death of people and incident that occurred there.

A thorough investigation would rule out the real cause of how this incident happened. Before 7 years also the Melrose South’s fireworks has been citied fines for $45,000 violating safety regulations. In this incident an explosion at workstation demolished fireworks storage site.

So due to previous fines and safety norms violations this time the authorities would make out a more strict investigation at this site.