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End in Sight Collapsed Garage Recovery

On Monday a part of four floors of the garage collapsed in Midtown Atlanta parking garage.

After searching for more than 54 hours the rescue team has not found any victims who have suffered any injuries as of today nor have they found any missing persons. Once rescue team finishes its search & recovery then the firefighters would be able to find the real cause why the garage at Fifth & Spring streets collapsed.

But the major priority of team as of now is to look out for any vehicle caught in ruble. As of today, firefighters have been able to work till second floor of building removing 29 of the 38 crumpled cars. It is a very dangerous situation for the public to see. This building was built by Hardin Construction same company which was being cited for violations by OSHA for deficiencies at Atlanta Botanical Gardens bridge.

So on seeing this incident, the Georgia University said that it would inspect all of its parking deck facility as it had been built up by same company Hardin and along with that other two buildings in Athens would be checked by the University. Meanwhile Hardin said that it had not built any of garages of UGA.

On Wednesday firefighters after rescuing so many people told that still the place is risky with lots of fuel leaks from crumpled cars, high temperature, flying dust etc. Also there was a chance that an explosion might result from leaking fuel, so to avoid that officials had kept fire hoses armed with hazardous material experts.

After each car is removed with a piece of concrete, the firefighter’s team is inspecting on wooden shoring structures for any chemicals released before returning to work. OSHA officials said they would investigate the case on how and why this happened once all rumple along with cars are removed.

So such an accident of garage crash can really prove fatal which OSHA needs to investigate and take necessary steps to avoid such type of accidents.