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Osha Fines $113,000 Against West Hartford Contractors

OSHA fined $113,200 to West Contractor Conn, after an employee was injured when he fell 24 feet from roof.

OSHA’s inspection found that the employer J.P Carol failed to supply fall protection to employees working on the roof and aluminum ladder used for roof purposes was not being extended for at least 3 feet above the roof’s edge and so didn’t afford the stability.

Also the ladder posed a electrocution danger as it was located only 14 inches from an energized electric power lines. Due to these results OSHA issued West Hartford three citations with $105,000 in proposed fines.

This event is a basic example of what happens when commonsense and legally required safeguards are ignored by companies. Recent inspection led the company to pay another fine of $8,200 in proposed fines for damaged scaffold, failing of which leads to accumulation of debris on work platforms. OSHA mainly issues citations when death or physical harm is likely to result from workplace hazards about which the employer knew or should have known.

West Hartford has 15 business days from receipt of citations within which it can participate in informal conferences with OSHA to contest them for independent OSHA commission.

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