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GE Energy Receives OSHA Award For Safety

GE Energy has a production facility in Slater Mo, which has received an award from U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA for providing excellent safety measures to employees in its Slater facility. OSHA’s VPP Programs recognize business and work sites that provide an exceptional safety, health and environment practices to its employees through the efforts of their own employees, management & government.

VPP participants are a selected group of facilities which have been designed to implement safety, health & environmental programs which stays in line with OSHA mandates to protect workers effectively. VPP is OSHA’s program to recognize the dynamic efforts of employers and employees who achieve high in OSHA health & safety standards at their plant.

THE GE Chairman said that they are proud that of efforts of their employees in making them achieving extremely high in OSHA standards which made them achieve safety excellence award. He also said that approval into OSHA’s VPP is official recognition of outstanding efforts of employers & employees who have achieved high in terms of OSHA’s safety laws.