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OSHA To Re-Evaluates Safety Program

The OSHA concluded that it did not address the findings in Government Accountability Office (GOA) report which found that it lacked sufficient internal controls to ensure that they get qualified worksites in the safety program.

The report stated that OSHA has not fully evaluated the effectiveness of its program and so OSHA’s program has been limited to how they could allocate the resources. GOA said that in context to OSHA’s limited resources will help them to reprioritize the resources in the most effective way.

A recent report of GOA stated that OSHA lacked a policy which requires documentation in VPP files regarding the follow-up actions in response to incidents. But OSHA has no documentation regarding the same VPP sites which has lead to increase in fatalities and serious injuries.

OSHA said that it will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of VPP sites and evaluation programs, to make it clear how the agency should best allocate the resources among programs enforcement and the agency’s other activities.

The VPP Program encompasses around 2,220 worksites which cover more than 800,000 workers throughout nation.