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Osha Taking A Serious Look At Texas Construction

The on-the job construction death in Texas has caught the attention of many federal investigators. This month and next OSHA is dispatching inspectors to Texas. The agency has also hired some permanent investigators to look into matter with a 31 percent increase in construction related death in just 4 years, a toll on heavy Hispanic workers.

As of recent data 144 construction workers died in the job on Texas, of which 78 were Hispanic. The new enforcement has been taken into action to reduce the injuries and fatalities at construction sites. These extra inspectors are expected to conduct unannounced inspections at construction sites.

This new initiative by Texas is a big step forward as many companies would not know when OSHA inspectors strike them. Originally many companies come to know when OSHA inspectors strike them which gives construction companies time to send the workers home so that regulators can’t interview them to see them for proper safety gear.
OSHA said that it wants to welcome any effort to improve safety as nobody wants to see accidents happening on the work sites. To support this initiative of Texas many nonprofit groups have been joined to overlook for OSHA initiative. As a result of which they studied the working conditions in Austin and put an effort to blame on weak regulations.

After such an announcement OSHA again said that it needs very strong long term enforcement in Texas with more inspectors so that unscrupulous companies cant just clean up the act for a couple of months and then go back for doing business as usual which would mean breaking up of law and undercutting good laws.