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Tri State In Training: Workshop Offered For Tourism Business

A Free workshop on getting grants through Advertising Partnership Program will be offered for the tourism business. This program is being offered as a part of partnership with West Virginia Division Tourism and promoted through Promotion Fund. To match the advertising program for small to large tourism advertising program there are 2 separate programs one is for fairs and another for festivals.

The National Association Of Builders is offering a safety training program for builders, traders contractors, supervisors and workers on scaffold and ladder safety. This seminar of 2 and a half hours focuses on identifying scaffold as well as ladder fall in construction industry which would satisfy OSHA regulations.

Along with this an OSHA course on how to write a safety and health plan for the company will be offered. The class will teach the principles of 1989 Safety and Health Programs which are aimed at direct participants to help them develop a safety and health management system and provide them with effective methods to implement the program.

There is also a Lockout/Tag Out OSHA workshop which focuses on control of hazardous energy. This course will establish the requirements for both the isolation of kinetic and potential electrical, chemical and gravitational energy prior to equipment repair. As it follows OSHA Standards of 29 CFR 1910.147 on successful completion of course a certificate will be issued whose cost would come around to $29 per month.