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Osha Cites Ronkonkoma Company For Safety Violations

A mansory contractor based at Ronkonkoma has been violated for OSHA safety standards for five violations of safety standards at Forest Hills work site.

Painting and Decoration Inc. were investigating the case when OSHA inspector’s observation of work site violations ruled out that the workers had been performing succo work on a 13 foot high scaffold without guardrails or fall protection systems.

Workers had also failed to fully-plank the scaffolding, providing a ladder for employees to access the scaffold and refrain from making devices so as to increase the scaffold’s height and to provide workers with protective helmets. The company Painting & Decorating Inc. faces a fine totaling to around $120,750.

The fine imposed to company gives an idea about the nature of the hazards which could have resulted in death or disabling injury for workers.

This company has been cited fines again in a spell of just one year making it clear that the company is not following the proper safety measures in accordance to OSHA.