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OSHA Under Investigation | Old Story in Waste Removal

A worker on a plant goes down into well & overcome by toxic gases. On seeing this a fellow worker goes down to help, but he too goes down by gases. This seems a very strange incident but is actually true which had happened at Queens recycling plant this week, leaving three people dead.

The three workers a plumber & his son along with them a recycling plant worker are believed to have died due to hydrogen sulfide a colorless gas with a color of rotten eggs. Such deaths produce only a small amount of worker fatalities in United States each year.

Last year 2 employees of a Schenectady waste cleanup company died after one died while climbing into waste tank making repairs and was overcome by fumes, followed by second worker who was trying to pull him out.

Researchers show that out of 42 incidents of workers dying of hydrogen sulfide gas more than quarter of deaths involved multiple deaths including co-workers who tried to save them. These deaths have occurred despite OSHA’s strict standards on governing work spaces.

OSHA is still under investigation for these cases.

According to officials, the company hired a Queens’s sewage company, to clean a dry well that was congested. The hole was about 3 feet wide and 18 feet deep, which was intended to collect storm runoff from the recycling yard, where trucks deliver garbage and other materials, much of it from construction sites.

According to Fire Department officials, the owner of the sewage company arrived at the well with a vacuum truck typically used to clean septic tanks.

According to reports on the day of the accident, hydrogen sulfide concentration in the hole was 200 parts per million, double the amount that environmental experts consider “imminently dangerous.

Among the issues OSHA will be looking at is whether the owner of the company followed all of its regulations, as well as whether Regal had any responsibility to ensure the contract workers did. The agency’s investigation could take several months.