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Osha Plans Approval Of Illinois State Public Employee Protection Plan

Recently OSHA announced the publication of notice wherein a new rule was proposed to approve a new law for Illinois state public employee protection plan. Illinois has already applied for approval to develop a public employee health program to be under control of OSHA.

This plan will require 30 days of time for its approval and offers an opportunity to request informal planning. If the plan is approved then Illinois will become the fourth state to operate a safety and program which would be designed for public employees. If this plan is approved it will cover more than 1 million public workers which would include around 161,200 state government workers and around 690,000 municipal workers .

The OSHA Act of 1970 at 29 CFR Part 1956 provides the states and territories to establish a plan which would cover only state and local government employees and would be excluded from federal coverage. Once such a plan is approved OSHA funds around 50% of the programs operating costs.

To be eligible for initial approval for OSHA’s public state employee program a state must be able to operate an OSHA program which will be as effective as federal program.
The basic purpose of OSHA for establishing such plans and other programs is to ensure the workplace safety for healthy working conditions in America’s working men and women by setting up standards and providing outreach training programs to workers.