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Osha To Evaluate Voluntary Protection Programs

OSHA’S Voluntary Protection Program recommended that they would improve oversight and other controls to ensure that the participating companies maintain effective workplace safety and health management systems.

The Government Accountability Office analysis recommended that the agency should strengthen the program’s oversight activity, documentation and other aspects of program’s operation to ensure consistency to existing OSHA policies and procedures. The GOA’s analysis said that OSHA has not fully evaluated the effectiveness of its co-operative program and has thus has lead to limited amount of allocated resources. This report will evaluate the OSHA’s limited resources and help them to re prioritize the resources.

To address the findings about report, OSHA’s VPP Programs will review and address the problems including program management and oversight policies procedures, documentation policy for actions taken in response to serious injuries at VPP Sites, goals and performance measure for VPP and internal OSHA controls to ensure effective and consistent compliance with VPP policy by agency’s regional office. This VPP Programs encompasses more than 2,200 work sites, covering more than 800,000 employees.