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Osha Fines $319,200 In Two Cases

Osha offices in New York, have issued machine guarding and other citations with a total of $249,200 in total access against specialty metals following an investigation sparked by worker’s death. Its totaled amount is around $70,000 in fines against allegedly deficiencies in the process safety management program.

The Crucible fatality occurred when the victim slipped in while attaching a water line to a roller mill which was caught in machine rotating shafts. On investigating the case OSHA inspectors concluded that machine moving parts were not being guarded properly. This accident showed that even one such instance of an unguarded machine can cost to a worker’s life.

Safeguarding workers against death, injury or illness against job requires that all applicable safety and health requirements be met at all times. This case involved a total of 68 serious citations for fall, electrical fire, crane, PPE and material storage for alleged hazards.

The other case involved 19 serious violations which focused on mainly on hazards equipment and processes used to handle the flammable gas difluoroethane which is used in the production of Styrofoam plates.