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Osha Awards GE For Safety Certification

Today GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies facility is celebrating the U.S OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Status. The way one can get into VPP Programs is by awarding employers and employees for their outstanding effort.

VPP sets performance criteria for managed safety and health system, which invites facilities to apply and then accesses the applicants to these criteria. OSHA’s verification includes an application review with an evaluation to OSHA safety and health experts.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies team compromised of 100 employees. Together the facility worked over the past few years to enhance culture of safety and achieve VPP Star Certification.

The OSHA officials specifically acknowledged the employees engagement in the process with a good labeling of equipments. The GE Energy said that it is a great accomplishment for our team. This GE Energy is the largest participant in the U.S OSHA VPP Program and having around 125 facilities in the program.