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Hispanic Death Workers Up By 76% From 1992

The number of Hispanic workers who die on the job has increased, even as the overall number of workplace deaths has declined which a report is given according to federal statistics.

The worker death has increased from 533 in 1992 to 937 in 2007 which is a remarkable 76% jump in the death number of people. In the same period, the total fatalities in all the jobs increased from 6,217 to 5,657 according to the data. According to 2007 data, U.S Bureau of investigation followed a record 990 Hispanic deaths. Last year the death toll has increased from 50 Hispanic workplace deaths in Texas alone.

This year the investigation has investigated around 21 fatalities which included 3 workers, who fell from 11 storied collapsed building in Austin. More Hispanics in the workforce can account for the increase in deaths.

The death of workers is due to lack of training, poor communication skills and exploitation of workers. So to avoid this one need to qualify for the legal documentation which are less inclined to join a union and help protect workers or protest conditions when situation seems to be dangerous.

So to avoid large number of Hispanic deaths one should make sure that this Hispanic workers get properly trained before going for the work.